Project Description

First, a little backstory

When a local rock group approached us for help design­ing their debut album art­work, we saw the oppor­tu­ni­ty to design an expe­ri­ence.

Until then, the band’s entire brand con­sist­ed of some cool riffs and a sim­ple name: Shifter. They’d been writ­ing music togeth­er for a lit­tle over two years already, and were final­ly look­ing to take the next step into the music busi­ness.

As Shifter began record­ing, we dove into the fab­ric of their being to get a deep­er under­stand­ing of their mes­sage, style, and musi­cal val­ue.

Breathing life into Shifter

Over the course of sev­er­al weeks, we worked close­ly with Shifter to devel­op a cus­tom logo­type intend­ed to reflect their heavy and loose-can­non nature. The album art­work was inspired by their record­ing stu­dio packed with weath­ered amps, torn leather couch­es, mis­matched Tool posters and gleam­ing cus­tom gui­tars.

Any­one peek­ing inside the real deals gets an added sur­prise. In order to best show­case the album, we paired its rough façade with dark wood­en under­tones in a short series of prod­uct shots, and craft­ed some clever copy to use across their web and social media pres­ences.

Then, on the night of the CD release show, we man­aged to triple antic­i­pat­ed album sales by plac­ing the mer­chan­dise table strate­gi­cal­ly.

  • Brand dis­cov­ery & iden­ti­ty devel­op­ment

  • Prod­uct design & pho­tog­ra­phy

  • SEO & organ­ic mar­ket­ing cam­paign man­age­ment

The resulting experience

Step­ping into the Shifter expe­ri­ence puts you face-to-face with a badass beard­ed Kevin Tyrell (bass) leer­ing into your soul until he leaps across the stage to shred the next mea­sure in front of Jonathan Falas­co (drums, lead vocals) belt­ing a cho­rus and beat­ing the life out of his faith­ful kit, togeth­er build­ing a rugged and steady road for Sam Forni (lead gui­tar) and his exquis­ite solos.

Pow­er­ful and raw, Shifter’s soul­ful lyrics tug at the heart­strings, and we strove to stay true to that voice in the iden­ti­ty we built togeth­er. Every piece of their brand is designed to remind you that these guys are con­stant­ly rolling the dice and will nev­er be afraid of doing their time.

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